Mazda demio 2003

Search All from StockHelp Top. Mazda Demio was released for sale in August and became a popular car, symbolizing Mazda in the s. The main reason why Demio became so popular is apparently because its reasonable and compact package was highly appreciated by customers. This size settings attracted many Japanese customers. In the minor change in Decemberboth the design, as a part of Mazda brand strategy, and safety equipment were renewed.

Mazda Demio : Price. Reviews. Specifications.

In Septembernew sports grade was added to Mazda Demio line-up, together with improvements of safety and environmental features. This price is fixed by sellers selling cars on TCV.

Price of a brand-new car in Japanese market. This price is fixed by the manufacturing company of the car. The car was sold by the dealer, so I felt relieved. In addition, I thought that there was a good balance in mileage, year model, and price with the size I wanted, so I decided immediately based on the actual thing. When I was looking for a Demio that I had been riding for a long time, the price was cheap despite the new model year and high grade.

I went to see Suzuki's store in competition with Swift, but the interior was better with Demio. I already had a bag monitor and a drive recorder. There was a sense of bargain when comparing used cars of the same type with other stores.

It was the yearning car I was always interested in. I didn't like to walk around many times, so I negotiated with a discount saying, "I want to make a decision here, so please make it cheaper. I was looking for a vehicle that weighs less than 1 ton at the height of entering a multi-storey car park. I decided to purchase it because the model year, mileage, and equipment matched my wishes, and the color I didn't see much. Another reason is that I felt safe when something happened because it was within walking distance from my home.

The design was good and the interior and exterior were beautiful. I didn't have a lot of accessories, but the price was cheap and I thought I could attach it later if necessary.

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I got an ETC wage free of charge. I was relieved because the person in charge carefully explained the good and bad points. I was looking for a red car with a compact car. Although there were several candidates, I decided to choose this car because I liked the red Demio comprehensively considering the price, design and exterior.The second-generation Mazda Demio is a small hatchback with a boxy body shape that is great for interior space.

It's reliable, but keep an eye out for corrosion when buying.

mazda demio 2003

Overall score3. The wagon-like shape was carried over from the first-generation model and teamed with a sportier look. The innovative interior includes a flexible, folding rear seat, which enables surprisingly large items to be carried. An update was launched inwhich included revised styling, subtle changes to the dashboard and new seating pattern choices.

Review of Mazda Demio - A Fun Ride for Reduced Price Option

The Demio's interior feels of higher quality than most other light cars of the time. The plastics feel thick and durable, and our Casual-specification review car has a stylish two-tone interior.

Controls for the air conditioning and stereo system are all easy-to-use chunky knobs, dials and buttons. A lot of handy storage is built into the dash - two gloveboxes, a long cubby hole on the passenger side and tray with a lid on top. The chunky steering wheel sticks out closer to the driver than most cars similar to the Demio and only adjusts for height, not reach.

The layout and set position feels better for taller and larger drivers than other small cars. Shorter drivers may find visibility, particularly to the rear, a little restricted. Big for the class at litres, the boot should carry one medium and two small suitcases. There is only a small lip at the bottom of the tailgate, which makes it easy to load. Handy hooks and tie-downs can be used to keep your shopping or larger items from sliding around. The small alloy wheels do look small in the wheel arches, giving the car a top-heavy appearance.

Demios are almost exclusively powered by a 1. The 1. It is paired with a traditional four-speed automatic transmission, which is smooth and smart at shifting at the most appropriate times. CVT automatics are more common in the small car segment - they're more fuel-efficient but cost more to service.

Handling is very good — possibly the best in its class. The steering is light, but gives you enough feedback from the road, and the tyres have plenty of grip.

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The ride comfort is also excellent. The Demio has a tight turning circle of 9. Visibility is good with big windows all around although shorter drivers may find a few blind spots to the rear. Mazdas in Japan have a poor reputation for underbody protection and rustproofing, so if you are buying a freshly-imported Demio it is important to check that there isn't any corrosion.

Mazda 2 (Demio) 2003 за 180 тысяч

Get down on the ground and look underneath the car for discolouration or bubbling, particularly around where the rear suspension connects to the body.SBT use cookies to give you the best possible experience and serve the most relevant ads. By using this site, you accept the use of cookies. Agree and continue browsing. Japan Time: Tokyo Time.

Welcome guest. View Details. Mazda is one of the oldest brands sharing not huge amount of popularity in the world due to its limited launches every year. However, when Mazda reappeared in the family car market, it was done with grace. In the last decade, Mazda independently and with co-operative technological assistance of various manufacturers, produced cars that were cherished in every way by the consumers of the world. Among the various products of Mazda valuably existing in the Japanese used car market, Demio is the product not so old with great specs in models of different years.

Mazda Demio has several traits that have been advantageous and the appealing style factor which has been the reason of acceptance for the car. Mazda 2 in its recent age is sharing the market with Ford Fiesta. The only difference in the Honda Fit is its exceptional cargo room which can be a preference for some people.

Here are some specifics that Mazda Demio from offers. Note that slightly used versions of the car are available in the used car market.

The transmission performance of the engine is supported by 4-speed auto transaxle, 5-speed manual and CVT. Demio with its wide options in the engine puts out the power of hp on roads and 98lb-ft of torque around the circles. The acceleration and speed of the car is a bit behind what is available in the above mentioned competition yet there are differences that make Mazda Demio a better choice in many sections.

Demio is a light weight car on inch wheels which are good enough to support its grip.

Mazda Demio

First Generation 1. Second Generation 1.Get a point vehicle health check with your cover.

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The British public have yet to appreciate the Mazda Demio's qualities. Perhaps it was due to some confusion as to exactly what a Demio represented. Early models had a slightly jacked up look with polished bull bars climbing aggressively over the front number plate like a tiny 4x4.

In profile, it looked like a shortened estate car, yet Mazda marketed it as a mini-MPV. As a more conventional alternative, the Demio makes a lot of sense. Many buyers were, however, tempted to pay more for a used Renault Scenic and the Demio is still a rare sight on British roads.

Most people's initial impression of the Demio was as the first vehicle they won on the Gran Turismo game for the Sony Playstation. This may have been the peak of the Demio's public awareness. Introduced to these shores in Junethe Demio was initially available in 1. The following month a special edition 'Aegean' was launched. May brought the launch of the second-generation Demio. This was improved in a number of areas, offering a wider range of engines and incorporating the Mazda family 'face' as seen on the larger Premacy MPV.

The Demio slipped quietly from Mazda's line up in earlymaking way for the Mazda2. The first generation Demio is an offbeat but interesting sight on UK roads. For a start, the smart boxy lines won't embarrass you in front of the neighbours. Nor is there any mistaking that this is something more than a run-of-the-mill supermini or family hatch. You can't actually take the rear seats out a la Premacy or Scenic, but you can do virtually everything else. For a start, the rear seat slides backwards and forwards by 60mm, maximising either luggage space or rear seat legroom.

mazda demio 2003

Over litres to be exact, or litres with the rear seats folded: enough to transport two fully assembled mountain bikes.The Mazda 2 is a supermini manufactured and marketed globally by Mazda sincecurrently in its fourth generation. The third generation Demio earned the World Car of the Year title, [1] while the fourth generation was awarded the — "Japanese Car of the Year". For the model yearit was re-branded as the Toyota Yaris iA due to the discontinuation of the Scion marque.

For the model year, the iA moniker was dropped. Originating with the introduction of the Mazda inthis B-segment small car was based on the Mazda D-platform. Ford also used a version of the first-generation DA known as the Ford Festiva.

It was redesigned for Januarystill based on the same DB platform. The name "Demio" is derived from Latin meus to show possession, which in many Romance languages has become "mio. The "Demio" nameplate was discontinued in all remaining markets in Septemberand replaced by the "Mazda2" moniker worldwide. Introduced in a time full of negative press coverage, the Demio became a surprise hit for Mazda in Japan, and also foreshadowed the current crop of B-segment minivans such as the Opel MerivaFiat Idea and the Renault Modus.

Inthe Mazda logo was changed to the current logo. The Demio was updated in with a revised exterior, cabin air filtration, retuned automatic transmissionand available DSC due to a redesign. The Demio was redesigned in on the DY platform.

The Demio name continued in Japan, while the rest of the world dropped and other names in favor of Mazda2. Since its debut, the 2 has been well received by the market pushing its Japanese domestic sale to as high as seventh place.

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An innovative feature offered in Japan is e-4WDa hybrid car -type system which uses an electric motor to power the rear wheels of this front wheel drive vehicle when needed. In the Demio, this system is used only as a traction aid, not for increased fuel economy as in most other vehicles. There are also a big difference in floorpan and pedal box - European-exclusive version of Mazda2 DY uses pedal box directly sourced from Ford Fiesta, rather than their own and also 4x bolt pattern instead of 4x The Japanese 1.

Virtually all the engine parts are interchangeable with the 1.

mazda demio 2003

The Mazda2 is sold with a variety of Z-family engines:. In Mazda introduced the Verisa in Japan.SBT use cookies to give you the best possible experience and serve the most relevant ads.

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Mazda Demio (1998 - 2003) used car review

Japan Time: Tokyo Time. Welcome guest. View Details. The Mazda Demio was introduced in the Japanese car market After a facelift comes in the sales of the five-door attracted minivan started around the world. The Mazda Demio is presented in a distinctive box design, whereby the drivers visibility is enhanced as in almost any other car in its class. With dimensions of 3. Along with the small rear seat the vehicle also gains a considerable storage space of 1, liters.

The Mazda 2 is a Japanese subcompact car. The car typically has in almond-shaped headlights and a slightly sloping roof towards the back. The atypical for small cars high cabin of the Mazda 2 looked like a minivan, and resulted in a more square-edged appearance. Consumption of Mazda Demio is on average about 7.

First, the model of Mazda 2 comes with 5-speed manual transmission was available, but engines and transmissions were always slightly revised. So there was the Mazda 2 of this generation by as MZ-CD diesel with 5-speed automatic transmission. This Mazda 2 is technically equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission, wherein there are three variants of newly developed petrol engines.

It has offer a 1. The smaller gasoline engine is a consumption of 5.Quick Links. Table of Contents. Automobile Mazda 3 Owner's Manual Mazda 3 pages. Mazda3, mazdaspeed3, mazda5, mazda6, mazdaspeed6, mazda mx-5, mazda rx-8 - 75 pages.

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Mazda millenia automobile quickstart guide 10 pages. Mazda b truck automobile owner's manual pages. Mazda mazda3 4-door automobile owner's manual pages. Mazda mazda6 sports sedan automobile owner's manual pages. Should you resell the vehicle, leave this manual with it for the next owner. By reading your manual, you can Please refer to the manual for a detailed find out about the features, important explanation. Essential Safety Equipment Use of safety equipment, including seats, seat belt system, child-restraint systems and SRS air bags.

Interior Overview Page Seats Slide result in serious injury. Consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer if there is To move a seat forward or backward, raise any need to remove or reinstall the the lever and slide the seat to the desired front seats. Secure the rear seat belt in the belt clip. To return the seatbacks to the upright position WARNING Always make sure the seat belts are fully pulled out from under the seatbacks: A seat belt caught under a seatback Verify that the seat belt is secured in Head Restraints the belt clip.

Your vehicle is equipped with head restraints on all outboard seats. The head restraints are intended to help protect you and the passengers from neck injury. To lower the head restraint, press the stop- catch release, then push the head restraint down.

Page Seat Belt Systems Seat belts help to decrease the possibility of severe injury during accidents and sudden stops.

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